"मनोरमा ग्रुप ऑफ एजुकेशन"
Established Under-Disha Education & Social Welfare Trust (Regd.) Registation No : 537/4/7/81-93/CD-34/107

Work with Us

Volunteers are idealistically motivated persons who want to devote some portion of their lives to serving others. It is a personal wish/desire of the individual to do volunteer services to the organization. Individual are coming for voluntary services to get self-satisfaction for them.

Online Volunteer Opportunities

you feel compelled to work for a good cause but somehow your engrossing daily routine holds you back.And then when you get time to look back, you try to convince yourself by saying that ‘If I had time, I would have contributed my bit to the society’

• Promote Disha Education & Social Welfare Trust in your social networking profile and ask your friends to follow us.

• Introducing to all your online communities/ fan clubs etc.

• Forwarding the mailers to your friends and help us spread the awareness for the cause.

• Download and use our screensaver, buttons, posters, wallpapers, banners etc.

Offline Volunteer Opportunities

Your contribution and efforts can make a big difference to someone’s life’ Introduce DFT to your Organization / Institute / Office

You can contribute by providing a platform for Disha education & Social Welfare Trust in your Institute or Company. Help us reach your friends and colleagues. You can spread awareness about DFT and encourage them to donate for this good cause.

Raise funds for the cause through events

Help us feed more hungry children by raising funds for this cause.

• Hold a fundraising event for the DFT.

• Raise funds through wedding ceremonies, birthday parties and similar gatherings.

Take us along with you