"मनोरमा ग्रुप ऑफ एजुकेशन"
Established Under-Disha Education & Social Welfare Trust (Regd.) Registation No : 537/4/7/81-93/CD-34/107

Disha Education & Social Welfare Trust

Disha education & Social Welfare Trust is registered under The Bhagalpur Trusts Act, 1950. For continuation & extension of our projects we are completely dependent on Individuals & corporate. The support provided by the individuals and small corporate are backbone of our projects. Disha education & Social Welfare Trust appeals to all corporate to extend your support to our projects and help us serving the society. Because “if you want a better future then give a better present to a society.

Development of CSR Communications and print material

Disha education & Social Welfare Trust can develop, print and distribute communication material like newsletters, leaflets and other communications for corporate. 

Why Disha education & Social Welfare Trust ?

01. Since Disha education & Social Welfare Trust is a not-for-profit organization, project costs will be competitive and surplus income will be utilized to support Disha education & Social Welfare Trust initiatives for the welfare of elderly. 

02. Wide range of qualified, experienced and dedicated professions from almost all sectors is available with Disha education & Social Welfare Trust.They are eager to offer their services/expertise free of cost to any collaborating corporate.

* To develop, establish’, advances, uplift and promote the educational standard of people of the society and offer all round education to the children and the higher classes, even companies management controls the students of all sections/ classes by establishing and running convent and also scholarship to the meritorious students. 

* To promote research and development works, especially in the field of Bio Engineering, Para Medical Institute, Pharmacy institution, Nursing Institution, Medical College mention by getting the permission/ Affiliation from the Govt. or Competent Authority. Any kind of degree or diploma certificate can be issued by getting the permission from aforesaid authority. 

* To organize seminars & camp debates, lactures,conference etc. for the purpose of education and health awereness of the people also provide training in field of small scale industries, vocational, technical courses in the field of Para Medical, Nursing, Computer, ITI etc to unemployed youths and women under self employment scheme and the certificate will be issued to student for after permission of competent authority. 

* To achieve the goal of world Health Organization by establishing and running charitable dispensary, nursing home & hospitals electro homeopathy, alternative medicines, acupressure, aurvedic, magneto therapy, health care centre, blood banks etcin rural and urban areas for the benefit of general public. 

* To make people health conscious by providing health education & make them aware of disease like T.B, Leprosy, Cancer, Kalajar, and AIDS anemia also provide health facility and establish and manage family planning centre, Eye Camp, Pulse Polio drop distributions centre in the rural and urban area for the benefit of poor people. 

* To provide all types of job oriented educational training facilities to unemployed and enter pressure and establish school affiliated with C.B.S.E and I.C.S.E Board, Other Board like Open School and Human Resources Department. 

* To spread literacy programme pen adult education centres, hal-bed’s and non-formal education centres also to educate promote population against drug addiction. 

* To conduct survey investigation and preparation of the scheme in respect of rural road’s water supply, irrigation including small dams, drainage, soil conservation for the welfare of the general public. 

* To train unemployed youths in paultry, fishery, bee keeping, dairy, animal husbandry and other agriculture activities and guide them.

* To provide job oriented different education and training facilities to unemployed and giving the knowledge of physical training craft training, embroidery, preparation of jam, jelly, papad, anchar etc.

* To promote computer literacy among both city and rural population so that they are not isolated in the rapid development of information technology. 

* To undertake Charitable Dispensaries, Medical Aid Centers, Clinics for women and children, Maternity Homes, Nursing Homes, Child Welfare Centers, Sanatoriums, Children Parks and other institution of similar nature. 

* To undertake implement/execute and put in action the welfare charitable schemes of Central Government/HUDCO, NABARD RGWN, CAPART, IDBI, SIDBI, Local Bodies or any other institutions/agencies for the benefits of the general people. 

* To do all acts, deeds to provide for sanitary facilities and promotion of preventive and other measure for the health of people and act as nodal agency for the overall welfare of focus group by establishing network with other NGO, Trust, CBO and other Institution.

* To establish, run and maintain Dharmashalas, Rest Houses, and poor Houses of any other such charitable in situations for the benefit of all classes at any suitable place or places.

* To supply drinking water on special occasions at concessional rate and organize charity Shows/Functions/Games & Sports and any other interesting programmes etc. 

* To do all such acts and thing as may be conductive to the general well being of the society and enlistments of the social, educational cultural or economic conditions of the masses. 

* To found assist and support, establish and maintain libraries and reading rooms and to establish and maintain boarding houses, hostels, and other such institutions. 

* To publish books and magazines for the development of education and enlistment of humanity and to distribute them to the public with or without charging price. 

* To open and maintain orphanages, widow’s homes, and homes for blind and handicapped persons and provide them vocational and other training or to render assistance to any such existing institutions. 

* To provide for endowments, stipends, scholarships and other allowances to deserving and needs students for promotion and encouragement of all types of education. 

* To conduct training programmes for farmers in the field of agriculture and rural development. 

* To establish centers to promote knowledge/general awareness among the people in the field of science/art/culture/yoga/industry/economic and social development/rural development /management and social change. 

* To sponsor programme for the release and rehabilitation of child labourers, women labourers and bonded labourers and landless labourers. 

* To public pamphlets, souvenir, journals, magazines, news papers, hold exhibition, workshops, discussions, seminars, conferences, exhibition-cum-sale and scientific demonstration. 

* To construct rural link roads, pavements, culverts and bridges for employment generation as well as comfort of travel and Trust has right to take any type of work and make a tender in any Govt. office/Pvt. Ltd agencies for the benefit of the Trust. 

* To construct rural link roads, pavements, culverts and bridges for employment generation as well as comfort of travel and Trust has right to take any type of work and make a tender in any Govt. Office / Pvt. Ltd agencies for the benefit of the Trust. 

* To nurse plants, make grow the plantation of trees of different species on the waste land in village/towns/metropolis in the school/college/ hospitals/ way-side/road side, at private land/public land so that the problem of pollution/ecological imbalance/refreshment can be checked and pollution free environment can emerge through socioeconomic changes. For this purpose, different types of fruits, fodder fuel trees will be planted for the protection and preservation of the environment. 

* To establish drug addiction centers/clinics and research centers to facilities treatment/nursing of drug addicted patients and their rehabilitation and identify the cause/reasons, which provoke youth and people to be drug addict and provide them suitable treatment. 

* To train the educated women and youth by providing knowledge of cooking art, learning of house decoration, health care & beauty culture, computer training & development. Tourism, Fashion designing and gardening. 

* To establish Cancer Hospital, Physical Educational Centre, Teachers Training Education centre, Blood Donation Centre, Eye Centre, Blind School, Vaccination Centre, Leprosy Centre and promote programme for family planning/family welfare and population control through demonstration and operation as prescribed by law. 

* To cultivate the spirit of culture among the people by holding music, drama, dance, concerts, debate, lectures and quiz for the entertainment of the people.

* To engage for preparation of statutory report for any industry, creating water and air pollution problem and submit the exhaustive report of preparation of treatment as and when required under the pollution control Act prevailing in the different states and the Government of India. 

* To undertake construction and maintenance of drinking water supply schemes, hand tube-wells and drill tube-wells in urban and rural areas. To supply drinking water on special occasions at concessional rate. To implement watershed Development programme with help of the Govt. 

* To provide legal aid and family counseling to the general people and Trust can do any type of work related to business/ profession and other work for the benefit of Trust. 

* To establish a consumer’s education and publication center for making the general public aware about the consumer rights. 

* To help in the welfare and preservation of birds, cattle and animals. 

* To help or denote the trusts fund in marriage ceremony of girl to the poor and to help economic base and family of society who are actually in need. 

* To develop a human chain through out nation and the world to train and make conscious people at large to associate themselves in natural calamities and removal of human sufferings. 

* To establish food processing training centers (EPTC) and food & fruits processing production units. 

* To accept donations (in cash or kind), subscriptions, grants presents and to collect dividends, rents, interests and other income of the TRUST FUND etc. for being utilized to further the objects thereof. 

* To establish coaching centers for students preparing for competitive examination and run studentship scholarship and other kind or add to needy peoples including supply of books, stipend medals and other incentives to study and to provide boarding and lodging for poor peoples. 

* To implement savings & credit programme amongst women through self-help groups (SHGS) for small income generation programmes etc and to do every possible work for SHG of BPL, Survey. Sponsored by the DRDA/ Ministry of Gramin Vikas Welfare Department and other department (SAKSHARTA MISSION,Educational Project etc)  

* The trust will contracts and manage toilet, biogas-plants, non-conventional energy centers including wind-cycle hydropower and solar energy on the basis of recent techniques in the rural, urban, semi-urban and tribal areas with the Government or other legal authority.